Hi, I’m Ashley

My pronouns are she/her, thanks for asking.


The first thing to know about me is that I love books and wine, and the second thing you should know about me is that I adore my family.

For the past ten years, I’ve worked in marketing and communications, doing everything from training people how to give interviews to covering events on social media, and a million random tasks in between. One time John Barrowman made fun of me in front of 400 people…I try not to think about that, though.


I am a passionate student of wine, and my favourite activities in my personal and professional life involve wine. I’m studying for the WSET 3 exam, and I am so fascinated by biodynamic farming in the wine industry that if I ever make it to the Master of Wine program, I will 100% be choosing that as my research topic.

In my personal life, my favourite wines are Viognier, GSM, and also bone-dry whites with off-the-charts acidity. I know, I’m an enigma.

In my professional life, I frequently consult with hoteliers, restauranteurs, bar owners, and event planners to select crowd-pleasing natural, biodynamic wines. I’ve also been brought in on many occasions to train staff on wine lists—even the ones I didn’t create!

I firmly believe that wine is meant to be enjoyed, and I have no time for pretentiousness. Good wine, good food, and good people—those are the things that I make time for.


I will read anything that is put in front of me, but I’m obsessed with dystopian, science fiction, and fantasy. When I’m not cruising the YA section for my next read, you’ll catch me listening to true crime audiobooks and podcasts.

Mental Health

I am a passionate advocate for mental health issues. I hear you, I believe you.

Intersectional feminist

If it isn’t intersectional, it isn’t feminism.