Lets Ban Bossy.

For my whole life, society tried to tell me that I was too rambunctious, too spirited, too bossy. I was told to calm down, and to quiet down. Ladies don't talk back, or challenge someone when they don't agree; they sit back, quietly, and follow the rules. Even when I was in a position of authority, I was assigned a male counterpart--who immediately assumed that I was a charge of his as well, not an equal. 

Luckily for me, my mother thought that was a load of shit; thanks to her so do I, and so will my daughter. 

When a man is in charge of a situation or team, he is seen as authoritative. He is a leader. When a woman is in charge of a situation, however, all too often phrases like "power-tripping" and "bossypants" are thrown around. 

It's time to change that perception. 

Tweet about it. Facebook it. Tumblr it. Google+ it, Google employees. But most importantly, talk about it

Together, we will ban bossy.