So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish.

2014 was a big and busy year for me, start to finish. Most obviously, I fell off the blogging bandwagon. There are a lot of things that happened this year that are just not meant to be publicized, and thankfully I've grown old enough to understand it.

My goal for 2014 was to just figure things out. 2013 was very tumultuous for me, and included a long-overdue diagnosis(es?) of bi-polar disorder, general anxiety disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder. A mouthful, I know. So are the pills that go with it!

So, on the heels of that change, I decided that 2014 was the year that I would get shit done, and figure shit out. And boy did I EVER get shit done.

  • I switched jobs twice, but I finally found a workplace where I feel at home.
  • Little A and I moved into B's house (finally, amiright?), and we have settled into a routine that works for us. 
  • I have been really focusing on my debt, so I should be debt free by June (!!!!)
  • I welcomed 6 more clients to my freelance family

Personally, there were a lot of big things to happen too:

  • We welcomed a baby boy into our family--of the four-legged, canine variety--and Sherman is fitting in quite nicely at our crazy house.
  • B, Little A and I went on our first family vacation together to Phoenix with B's parents, and we had an absolute blast.
  • I participated in NaNoWriMo for the first time, and I was so excited that I came up with plot summaries and character sketches for 3 different ideas!

There were also a few missteps, like in any year, but in 2014's case these mostly revolved around health. Between medication changes, the devil that is mono, and a few other things that are on-going, it wasn't the healthiest of years for me. There were mishaps with friends, misunderstandings with coworkers, and a whole world of issues with PayPal and Interact transfers. So yes, 2014 wasn't perfect. But there were so many highlights that it's hard to begrudge the entire year.

I've really grown disillusioned with resolutions, but I do have goals for 2015, as well as lots to look forward to. Like a crazy hockey fan/Twitter friend meetup planned in Chicago for March, and two weeks in Maui in April. And possibly expanding our family to include another furbaby (if I get my way!).

Some of my goals for 2015 are professional:

  • Take & pass the Google Analytics exam.
  • Launch the website & branding for my freelance-turned-small-business, Love Media, Inc.
  • Learn to write regular expressions for Google Tag Manager.
  • Learn to write scripts for Google AdWords (without assistance).

And some are personal:

  • Complete this reading challenge with my sister and best friend.
  • Finish the planning portion of my novel, and start writing it!
  • Pay off my debt! (Yes, I mentioned this already. But it's a pretty big deal for me.)
  • Buy a new vehicle.
  • Focus on the important relationships in my life

I have a motto for 2015, and it's one that I wish I had embraced sooner.


Make it an awesome year, friends.