Soul Surfing, et all.


Thank goodness for a phone with tons of memory, because I am constantly saving pictures that I find on the Internet. Scrolling through my gallery, you'll find three times as many inpirational quotes, vulgar cross stitch projects, and tattoo ideas than you will selfies. 

Sometimes I save them because I want to send them to someone, or to sit on until I find the perfect moment to send it. Once, I saved a Mr Bean cross stitch portrait that said "yass bitches" because I decided that I needed to make it myself. Sometimes, though, I completely forget about quotes and images, only to stumble across it when I need the reminder. 

This is my reminder for today. If we trust our instincts,  and listen to what our soul is telling us, we will always take ourselves in the direction that we truly need to go. Not everyone will understand at first, but eventually they will see that your soul has come alive and that you are once again filled with a passion and zeal for life. Then they will understand.