It's OK to Love Bad Books

photo credit:  bookgirlfriend

photo credit: bookgirlfriend

My biggest book secret is that I love bad books. The writing might be painfully bad, but I can still love it. A character can be complete trash, and I might still love it. The book may have needed six more rounds of edits, but there's a good chance I will still love it. I have always recognized that I like some pretty bad books, but the A Court of Thorns and Roses series really drove the point home for me. 

Guys, I'm not defending ACOTAR or any of it's sequels. Like any series, it had flaws. There were major plot holes, inconsistencies in the rules established for the world, and way-too-convenient plot twists to allow her to tie up loose ends. The extreme over-use of ellipses and dashes made me absolutely crazy, and the intense Beauty and the Beast allegory was hammered home throughout the entire series. 


I still tore through the series in just over a week. I still found myself loving the dynamic between Rhys and Feyre, and Rhys and his friends. If I'm being honest, though, the love scenes really didn't do it for me, and Feyre in generally was a very frustrating protagonist to follow for 4 and a half books--Frost & Starlight isn't a real book, don't @ me. 

I feel like the entire series really would have benefitted from better editing, and had Sarah J. Maas reigned in her penchant for over-describing absolutely everything, I would have enjoyed it a lot more. It was a really good, interesting idea, but the execution of it just lacked in so many areas for me. Although...she did get my money, so SJM still won in the end. (See what I did there, with the unnecessary ellipses? Imagine that x 300. Not exaggerating.)

The next half of the series is apparently going to focus more on the characters Mor, Nesta, and Lucien, all of which have the potential to be really fantastic characters, provided that the storyline, pacing, and editing are more of a focus than the last few books. But, let's be honest, I'll probably read them anyway, because I love bad books. 

What book/series do you love to hate?