That Time I Didn't Trip On Stage

Did you really get dressed up if you don’t force a friend to take photos of you in the bathroom?

Did you really get dressed up if you don’t force a friend to take photos of you in the bathroom?

If it weren’t for my glam squad, there is no way I would have looked this great for the awards. And by glam squad, I mean my family and friends for putting up with my messages, photos, and questions.

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I have been so lucky throughout my career to meet so many amazing people, and to have forged friendships and working relationships with people that I admire. It was because of one of these relationships that I found myself on stage at the Alberta Media Production Industries Association Awards (the Rosies, for short) on Saturday night.

When Boom Goes the Drum (an incredible event planning agency based in Calgary, Alberta) asked me to be the awards manager, my mind immediately went to the Oscars, where a beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress would hand off award statues to presenters and gracefully usher winners off stage.

It turns out there is a hell of a lot more to it than just looking pretty, with anxiety clocking in at about 80% of the job!

Along with the stage managers, I had to lay out the awards and envelopes in order, talk the presenters through the process, and ensure that the right award was given to the right person. This gave me the most anxiety, and the stage manager and I probably checked the awards and envelopes 20 times before we were certain we hadn’t fucked anything up.

Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, I also had to shuttle the awards and envelopes from backstage to the presenters wearing a floor-length ballgown and heels—navigating 5 stairs on and off of the stage—without tripping or dropping anything.

Not dropping anything was the hard part, because I am all butterfingers.

I was so anxious in the weeks leading up to the event, because naturally my brain focused on everything that could possibly go wrong, but I was surprised at how natural it was and comfortable I felt once the show started. The show went off without a hitch, and after teardown I went home and ate four McDonald’s cheeseburgers and had a rock-solid sleep for the first night in weeks.

Normally I don’t bother posting about work-related stuff because it’s not normally exciting, but facing my fears of being spotlight-adjacent with over five hundred people watching me is both a huge accomplishment and very exciting, so this is me celebrating it. And yes, I’m eating another cheeseburger right now.

A huge thank you to both Jessicas from Boom for trusting me to take on a very public role, and to the AMPIAs for having me!