Pre-Wedding Musings

Photo by the wonderful  Stephanie Lee Photography

Photo by the wonderful Stephanie Lee Photography

I'm getting married in four days. By dinnertime on Sunday, I'll be a Fisher, and Little A will have a fancy hyphenated last name. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to marry my best friend, but this transition has not come without some difficulty. 

It seems that with any wedding there will be a certain amount of balance that is required. Everyone wants to be involved, everyone has an opinion, and someone will always think you made the wrong choice. It's not easy trying to please the people that are important to you, and it's even harder to keep them happy while staying true to what you want for your big day. 

I've struggled throughout the process with my guilt over wanting to elope rather than throwing a big do; even more once we encountered issues and had to cancel the medium-sized do that we had planned. I've also struggled with the opinions of those close to me, and in some cases gave in to their whispers rather than standing on my own two feet. And for that, I will be forever sorry. 

There were plenty of roadblocks, tears, and issues that could have been avoided with simple communication rather than blowing up catastrophically and ultimately damaged relationships that were always so important to me. Some of these relationships can be mended, but others will never be the same. 

In the end, we have planned a small ceremony that will be attended by our parents and a few close friends. Overlooking the water, with a wonderful officiant present, T and I will say our vows to each other and we will become the Fishers in four days' time. 

I can't wait.

Ashley Fisher