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Who Else is Sick of Rape Culture?

As a woman, there have been countless times that I have felt unsafe. Walking down the street results in catcalling, and I'm always looking over my shoulder  because of that time I was almost raped in an alley in broad daylight. I've been catcalled, groped, and been on the receiving end of lewd comments or sexual propositions from coworkers and bosses--one notable time I was told multiple times that I'd need to "earn" my raise by performing fellatio, and the HR department didn't even write down my complaint because she was sure that I was lying. I've been taught from a young age that men are inherently bad, and that they shouldn't be trusted until they prove themselves. I've been taught to be wary of my friend's fathers and brothers, to never enter a closed-door meeting with a man unless there is a witness present (or I record the session). I've been at after hours functions where harassment is blamed on 'too much beer', and I've had wives tell me it's my fault their husband openly groped in public.

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