'What Would I Say' is kind of spot on.

First I was obsessed with Bitstrips. I am pretty sure that I exhausted their inventory of hilarious comic strips, and I laughed much more than was appropriate at the magnets one. 

So, now that everyone and their mother is sick of their entire Facebook feed being taken over by Bitstrips, the internet needed a new fix. The new hilarious-but-overrated autogenerated Facebook posts are courtesy of What Would I Say

Most of the statuses it created for me were absolute rubbish; they made little sense, and seemed to be a random assortment of words from previous posts. 

But. Then I hit gold. 

what would i say status.png


The internet. It just gets me. Also, if my neighbours are reading this, stop leaving boxes of junk on the steps at the back door. Please.

I love all of your faces!

xoxo Ley