"And Now We Must Turn It Into A Racing Car By...Bolting Lots of...Racing Car Bits To It."

Even though this day was a long time coming, I honestly felt like it would just never arrive. Ladies and gentlemen, I have bought a new (to me) car. 

Meet Pamela. She is a 2010 Ford Focus, with a manual transmission, and she rides like a dream.
 I don't have a marriage sack that fits her {yet}. 
The number one goal that I had for 2013 was to purchase a new car, and the fact that I can cross it off of my list in the first quarter of the year makes me incredibly proud. I could gush forever and ever about all of the reasons why I am so glad that I own (another) Focus, but I'll restrain myself from getting too mushy about my new baby. Can I just point out how nice it is to finally be driving a standard again? It feels like home. 

Have you crossed a goal off of your list yet this year?

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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start." -John Bingham

I have tried using the Couch to 5k plan a couple of times before, and I always failed miserably, so you might be surprised to find out that just over two weeks ago a few of my friends and I signed up to run the Color Me Rad 5k in Edmonton in July {on my birthday!}. 

I have never run a 5k. I have never been able to run for longer than a few minutes without feeling as if my lungs were going to explode. Also? I have always hated running. Based on this information, it would seem that my decision was rash and not entirely well thought-out. That reaction is probably about 75% true, so I'm not offended if you thought it. 

I have a plan, however, and it mostly revolves around the concepts of "trying hard", "not giving up", and "publishing my progress so that the shame of telling the world that I failed propels me to succeed". I'm using MyFitnessPal to track my daily activity as well as what I am eating, and I'm planning on blogging about my progress too--sorry in advance if you do not find this remotely interesting!  

So far, I am running in 2 minute increments with only 1 minute of walking and I can get almost all of the way through the P90X YogaX workout. I started off my running a little bit too ambitious, so I had to take the weekend off to recover--conveniently, this is when I was introduced to MFP, so don't judge me if you look at my log and don't find any running on there--but my calves are back to normal and I'm planning on starting again tonight. 

So far, I feel like I am succeeding. July 6th is coming up awfully fast, though. 

Have you ever trained for a race? Do you have any tips for a newbie? 

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How To Succeed Without Really Trying {or just making a plan and sticking to it}

I'm a person that enjoys the details, so SMART goals just might be one of my favourite things. I find that the more specific the goal, the easier it is to gauge whether or not you are actually on your way to achieving it. I also love that the foundation for how to go about achieving the goal is actually laid out in the goal itself. Pretty genius, right? The other thing that I've learned about setting goals is that they aren't fixed points, so you have to re-evaluate them from time-to-time to make sure that they still make sense in your life. 

Here are {some} of my SMART goals for 2013:  

  • In 2013 I'm going to replace my current vehicle with one that is more reliable. I'm going to find one that is efficient, practical, and one that makes financial sense for me. I'm going to do this by spending time researching, test-driving, and budgeting for the right car.
  • In 2013, I'm going to focus more of my attention on my friends and family. I'm going to make the conscious effort to spend quality time with them. There is a good chance that I'm going to do this by spending less time on my phone/iPad/the internet/watching TV.
  • In 2013, I'm going to set myself up for success financially. I'm going to do this by utilizing a practical budget, spending my money responsibly, and by saying no to impulse and/or stress shopping.
  • In 2013, I am going to save $5000. I'm going to do this by consciously saving money each pay period and putting a greater portion of any bonuses into my savings account.
  • In 2013, I'm going to develop five skills through a combination of reading, practicing, speaking, and/or taking classes {as applicable}.
    • I am going to become more proficient with Adobe Illustrator {so that I no longer feel the need to keep the bible right next to me while using it}
    • I am going to flex my French muscles {with the five-year goal of speaking only French at home
    • I am going to learn to paint my nails without getting polish all over my fingers. {who said that goals can't be whimsical and slightly vain?}
    • I am going to master making flaky, wonderful pie crust.
    • I am going to master five signature meals {so that I can make them with my eyes closed}. 

What goals have you set for yourself this year?