"And Now We Must Turn It Into A Racing Car By...Bolting Lots of...Racing Car Bits To It."

Even though this day was a long time coming, I honestly felt like it would just never arrive. Ladies and gentlemen, I have bought a new (to me) car. 

Meet Pamela. She is a 2010 Ford Focus, with a manual transmission, and she rides like a dream.
 I don't have a marriage sack that fits her {yet}. 
The number one goal that I had for 2013 was to purchase a new car, and the fact that I can cross it off of my list in the first quarter of the year makes me incredibly proud. I could gush forever and ever about all of the reasons why I am so glad that I own (another) Focus, but I'll restrain myself from getting too mushy about my new baby. Can I just point out how nice it is to finally be driving a standard again? It feels like home. 

Have you crossed a goal off of your list yet this year?

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and then there was the time that my coworker emailed me an awesome photo AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE MINE

I'm probably a little over-excited about this...But the Chive included one of my pictures in their weekly 'well-put' round up

They didn't link to the original photo, which grinds my gears a little. It's called linking with love, and this is just another reminder why we should do it. It sort of sucks being on the receiving end of it! 

Regardless, it was an exciting moment during my otherwise crazy busy day week. 

Have you ever been surprised to find something you created in
an unexpected place? 

Excuse Me While I Gush

I am not necessarily the easiest person to be in a relationship with. 
I swear like a trucker when I'm sewing Ugly Christmas sweaters, or when I'm trying to do my hair for a formal dinner. 
I get grumpy when I don't sleep for twelve hours, or when I realize that I didn't pack enough clothing. 
I am notorious for not finishing my dinner, taking the leftovers, and then forgetting about them in the truck for five days. 
When I get nervous I say "like" a lot, I say dumb things, and I talk too much.

And he handles it like a champ. 
Every single time. 

I'm a pretty lucky gal.