I Have Not Been Exterminated By Daleks, But Thanks For Asking

Props to my bloggy friends that noticed my lack of posting this week and subsequently emailed me to make sure that I hadn't been : eaten by a lion, mauled by a bear, lost in a blizzard, or exterminated by Daleks. You guys rock, FYI. 

Lately, I feel like I've been fighting this epic battle against life in general. And lately? I feel like life is winning. Most of the battle is not for the Internet (sorry!), but I still feel the need to vent. As proof of my continued existence, and as explanation for my absence, I give you the following rants:

  1. What in the actual hell, everybody in the universe that zips their files?! I don't want to pay for WinZip, and my "evaluation trial" is over, so now I can't unzip all of the beautiful fonts that I've found, or ANYTHING ELSE THAT YOU PEOPLE SO NICELY SHARED WITH ME IN A ZIP FILE. I hate you, WinZip. Also: free large ad space to whomever can set me up with a free unzipping software.
  2. Why does it take all damn day for an iPad to charge? The amount of anger that I feel towards zombie Steve jobs when my iPad battery goes below 20% is irrational but completely understandable. Did that sentence even make sense?
  3. What is with this relationship segmentation that the world is obsessed with? I'm not married, so I can't hang with married people because it's weird to be the only not married person in the room. But I can't hang with singles, because I'm not on the hunt for a hookup and/or it's awkward being the only couple in a group of singles. So basically I'm destined to hang out with cats, because they don't care what my relationship status is as long as I have food.
  5. I bought new tights last night. Really awesome black tights that had a subtle cheetah print on them. They were amazing, let me tell you. And then I put them on this morning, and there was a small hole in the knee. No big deal, it's tiny. By the time I got to work they had a huge run in them and I had to throw them out. Thanks for selling sub-par products, Winners. I thought that my legs would be covered with tights today, so I did a half-assed job shaving my legs this morning. Moral of this story? Always shave your legs nicely. Always. 

What has been driving you crazy lately?

Where Should I Travel In October?

It doesn't matter what causes it--bad weather, hordes of tourists, or showing up after everything has shut down for the season--it's a total bummer to visit somewhere new at the wrong time of year. There are plenty of resources that you can utilize while planning your trip to ensure that this doesn't happen, but I've done most of the dirty work for you! 

What should I do? The country offers 13 officially permitted hiking routes in the heart of the Himalayas--one of which is considered the most difficult trek in the world to complete.
When should I go? Attempt the Snowman Trek in October or April for the best conditions; hiking trails are open from April to early June, and again from September to November.

What should I do? Walk through the Selous Game Reserve, among Africa's most legendary (and dangerous) animals. 
When should I go? Walks are only permitted during the dry season (June to October), but the crowds tend to die down by mid-October. 

What should I do? Cycle the legendary Karakorum highway--the route along the Silk Road that connects Kashgar, China with Islamabad, Pakistan.
When should I go? Late Sept or early Oct for less rain and moderate temperatures.

What should I do? See the polar bears in person in Churchill, Manitoba.
When should I go? Polar bears migrate through the town during the month of October only.

Where in the world do you want to visit?

Rakas Kesa Travel Tuesday


Positivity, and a Quote.

Everyone feels a little lost sometimes. 

The plan that you had meticulously crafted is thrown out the window, and you're left to wonder "what's next?". 

Not knowing the next steps, and especially not knowing the cumulative outcome of them, is a terrifying thought to behold.

The consolation in all of the fog is that the line between failure and success is blurred as there is no longer a metric with which to measure. 

Every step is in the right direction. 

Every step can be seen as a success.