Oh, Hello YEG Fashion Scene. I'm Sorry For Ignoring You For So Long.

Photo Credit: Republic311 Photography
I am ashamed to admit that I have never really paid that much attention to the fashion scene in Edmonton. Considering I was once part of this scene...well...that intensifies the shame even more. I've always known that the artistic community in the city was large but it was never a focus for me. Even the years that I was a part of Western Canada Fashion Week, when I had the chance to wear the designs of so many talented people, I still found myself looking to Toronto, Paris, Milan and New York rather than in my own back yard.  

Luckily my eyes have been opened to just how incredible it all is here, so my shame is being replaced with admiration and awe instead. Here are my new favourite local finds:


{Clothing} Malorie Urbanovitch. I love the clean lines that she uses in her designs, and the fabrics that she uses are perfection. I'm a lover of the shift dress, and right now I'm coveting the one on the left from her SS13 collection. 


{Jewellery} So Pretty. Each item is handmade by Cara Cotter with gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and semi-precious stones.  I'm not a fan of chunky jewelery in general, but somehow she has created a stunning seven-page collection of pieces that should be chunky and clunky; instead, even the largest necklaces and bracelets still feel dainty and feminine. I would wear everything, but my favourite is the Aqua Chalcedony & Gold ring

{City Blog} City and Dale. Food, culture, fashion, and what's going in in YEG are the focus of this blog. My favourite feature is their Weekend Guide is avgreat resource for everything cool that is going on in the city.  Fun fact: while I was combing their archives, I stumbled upon their profile of So Pretty from October 2010 which led me to fall in love with her designs. 

{Style Blog} Adventures in Fashion. Vickie's blog is making me re-think my aversion to taking outfit posts in the winter, because her photos are beautiful! No doubt she was freezing her tush off the entire time, so extra props for her. I adore her style in general, but my favourite of her recent outfits are Stripes and Plaid and Lace (that COAT!). As if being incredibly fashionable isn't enough, she's also a talented DIY-er.  Commence girl crush.

Who are your favourite local (to you) bloggers? 

currently + finds

original image via Glamorous on weheartit.com

// How to Wow by Francis Cole Jones 


// posts for the {not quite ready to launch yet} project with the lovely Stefani


// to Muse and lamenting that I will not be attending their concert this weekend


// about all of the things that I have on my to do lists {personal and professional} and feeling a little nervous about how busy the next few months will be


// that winter would end abruptly 


// {personal}: blogging schedules, new design ideas, a cohesive branding & marketing plan, post outlines, a gallery wall, personalized stationary

// {professional}: training plans, project outlines & proposals 


// a new blazer

// black heels {RIP incredibly comfy steve madden pumps. you will be missed!}

// a new font 


// TED-Ed. No description needed, just check them out!


// a new vehicle with a remote starter. It is getting super irritating having to go outside in -40 weather to start my car!


// a massage


// the winter blues

original image via moon on weheartit.com

// Bobbi always has amazing photos of her trips, but her latest batch from Rome take the cake!

// I've only ever had one Pinterest recipe work for me, and it was this one. Spaghetti squash has never tasted so good!

// I am lusting after Bridget's tights.

// Guys, the incredibly talented Joelle is writing a book and I couldn't be more excited!

// Everyone needs to see a beatboxing goat at least once in their lives. 

// The very first place that I visit on my Flipboard is Poppy Magazine. It is eclectic, yet everything just fits, and it doesn't feel super hipster which I appreciate. 

// One day I will have enough time to learn calligraphy, and when I do I'm going to sign up for Melissa's course.

What were your favourite finds on the Internet this week?

Weekly Wrap Up: Blog Meme Style


// Networking is a Contact Sport by Joe Sweeney & Mike York {I actually started this in November but then got sidetracked by the holidays!}.


// posts for two different blogs, and a personal project.




// about my upcoming trip to LA to visit my lovely AJ {dates TBA, naturally}.


// that Netflix had HD shows and movies available in Canada.


// that the rest of winter will be mild {or that it ends abruptly in February!}.


// an exciting new project with the wonderful Stefani of Miss Jo & Co that I can't wait to tell you guys about!


// my comfy grey sweats and my Oilers hoodie {this is a wild guess--I'm actually writing this ahead of time, but that's my standard Sunday getup}. 


// my Kitchen Aid mixer. I was a little worried that it would just sit on my counter and taking up space, but it's  reignited my love for baking. Also? I love that all of the parts are dishwasher safe!


// the ridiculously gorgeous house that B showed me on Thursday {no link just in case I randomly come into money in the next week and buy it for myself}. 


// a vacation. Cliched, yes, but it's been 8 years since my last actual vacation. I think it's time.


// excited about what 2013 has in store for me!

// 'Glibbing familiarity' is the main skill that I learned in university {this is how you know that I was in the faculty of Arts}.

// I probably share way more on social media, good and bad, than I should. But what I do put out there still barely scratches the surface of my life, because of boundaries and whatever. I love that IFB asked what their community members weren't putting out there, because most people don't.

// ...because clearly I love IFB articles, here's another awesome one about practical blogging resolutions.

// For all of my {bloggy and in real life} friends that are planning weddings: a fabulous post about what to do when someone steals your wedding ideas {thanks for sharing this on Friday, Joelle!}.

// I absolutely love how Erin crowd-sourced for her post on blogging advice, rather than just                                                                                          going off of her own opinion. {My favourite was to blog in your undies--Sarah, that is brilliant!}

What were your favourite 'clicks' this week?

Weekly Wrap Up: Holiday Edition {sort of}

This Elf's name is "Chucky".
Can I just say how much the Elf on the Shelf freaks me out? Its creepy little face, its dangly arms and legs, and the fact that it's supposed to watch your every move--and MOVE ON ITS OWN--all of these are reasons why I vowed to never own an Elf on the Shelf. Yes, I do realize that it is the parent that moves the Elf, and that it doesn't actually watch you. Maybe I've read too many Goosebumps books in my time, but the idea of a living dummy Elf seriously freaks me out. 
Well, Best Friend has an Elf on the Shelf at her house. And since B.F. watches Little A while I work...you know where this is going. Little A is absolutely obsessed with that Elf. Every morning, she helps Little C look for where Elf has 'decided' to hide that day. That would be completely fine with me, if she hadn't started asking about why we don't have an Elf. "I would name my Elf Merliah, just like my purple Hawaii turtle. And she would tell Santa what a good girl I am, and how I always share with Gilford [our cat]!" she said to me last night. "When do we get an Elf??" she asked repeatedly. 
So, now I'm stuck. Either I get an Elf, and have to deal with it's creepiness from this Christmas until whenever she stops believing, or I don't get an Elf, and Little A misses out on something so obviously magical and important to her. 
Of course I bought the damn Elf. And after we go visit Santa tonight, we will read the damn story, and name the damn Elf, and I'll spend the next five days wondering if that Elf is actually going to murder me in my sleep. 
Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?

  1. I have never been particularly graceful or talented but dance has always fascinated me, especially ballet. I've always felt that I'm just too old now to give it another go--or, I felt that way, until I stumbled across Hannah's blog. It is so inspiring to read about her journey as an adult (novice) dancer, and reading her post about The Nutcracker made me feel Christmassy and happy. Also, the TUTU'S! Be still my heart.
  2. Now, I'm not huge on marketing my blog because I just don't have time to make a big fuss over it, but IFB has an excellent article on creating a marketing plan for an entire year. Which I will totally do...and then probably not follow at all.
  3. Eggnog Cheesecake Bars = my only plans for Saturday afternoon.
  4. Rebel Wilson. MTV Movie Awards. Amazing
  5. On the heels of a shitty Instagram announcement (that was later retracted), Facebook (the same company that owns Instagram) introduces a shitty new policy. So thanks, Facebook, for once again proving that you're the biggest douche on the playground.

What were your favourite reads this week? 

Weekly Wrap Up #14

So what have I learned this past week?

  • Scheduling blog posts does wonders for my free time. But sometimes I forget to schedule them even though they're done and then they get posted in the afternoon. So...not perfect. 
  • Winter tires do not make you invincible. Related: Edmonton sucks at plowing the streets in the winter. 
  • There will never be enough hours in the workday for everything that I need to do. 
  • Starbucks hot chocolates with eggnog are the most amazing way to start your day (that I'll blog about, at least!).


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?

  1. Have any questions about the Petraeus affair? Fear not, because I've found the best explanation possible.
  2. I love this guide to tea. The art of making a good cup of tea is undervalued in today's world, and that makes me sad. 
  3. Easily one of the best ideas on the Internet: The World Needs More Love Letters. {Hannah's TED talk can be viewed here}
  4. I love Photoshop, but I'm not particularly patient with the process. Curves {preset changes to colors/shadows, etc} save my sanity. This gorgeous curve by Julia Trotti is my new favourite--and it's free! {instructions on how to install a curve can be found here}
  5.  I love everything about Stefani's post

What were your favourite reads this week?

Weekly Wrap Up #13

this is my friends' cousin! be kind and share the awesome :) 

So what have I learned this past week?

  • Modern-day witch hunts aren't cool, and far too many people are the internet are blind sheep. See also: stop blowing small crap out of proportion, kay?
  • My faith in 'Merica was restored with the re-election of Obama.  Related: Sir Patrick Stewart is amazing
  • It annoys the crap out of me when people tweet their old posts every. single. hour. on Twitter. Please, calm down with the self-promotion. I follow you because your actual tweets entertain me, not because I want to see old posts from 2010. Maybe choose a post that will draw me in and then I'll keep reading your archives--but seriously, one auto-tweet from your archives per day is more than enough. 
  • Everyone has their own demons, of this I am well aware. But, you know, if one of my demons is that I'm two pounds shy of the weight I was the day that I had my daughter--and you know this--don't bring your demon of "I'm trying to gain weight but I just can't!" to me. Because there is no empathy for you here, lady. 
  • Best quote from The Simpsons EVER: "There is no diagnostic computer for the female mind." Too true, random animated car mechanic.
  • I'm pretty sure that I'm allergic to motivation. Every time I come down with a case of it, I break out in half-finished projects. (See: blog design, the reorganization of my closet, the cleaning of the pantry, my home office for the last year and a half, that stack of frames for my gallery wall that still need photos.}


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?

  1. The wonderfully sassy Kate survived Sandy! {not that I had any doubts at all}
  2. My newest blog crush is Meg from Across The Pond.
  3. I cosign 90% of Lexa's list
  4. Far too many hours have been sunk into searching the Holidays category on Pinterest
  5. Jasmine has the cutest 'About Me' page that I've seen in a long time, and I freaking love her Twitter background. 

What were your favourite reads this week?

Weekly Wrap Up #12

So what have I learned this past week?

  • Giving up a pet is hard, and leads to random bouts of ugly crying. {I sure do seem to cry a lot...I blame my ovaries.}
  • High on my list of Things I Dislike is being blamed for the errors and/or stupidity of others--I'm very sure that I am not unique in this. So why do people still do it? #lifequestions
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy is a completed and balanced meal, and I am not ashamed to order it for lunch. 
  • Sometimes you have to get over your preferences, and adapt to someone else's style. In the long run, it will make everyone involved happier. 


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?

  1. Kendall's sweet honesty made me cry.
  2. Bobbie wrote a fantastic review of  The Casual Vacancy, and I wholeheartedly agree with her. 
  3. I loved Kendra's easy to follow tutorial on how to change the colors of your Passionfruit widget. {this involves changing your CSS, so don't forget to back up your blog before you do anything!}
  4.  Have I mentioned that I'm a sucker for cute nurseries
  5. The tutorials that Lindsay from Shrimp Salad Circus creates are amazing. 
  6. Do your looks affect you in the business world? 

What were your favourite reads this week?

Eff, Marry, Kill: The Doctors

To say that my household is obsessed with Doctor Who is an understatement!
Eff, Marry, Kill gives me the perfect platform to show my true colors. 
Those that know me won't be surprised by my picks!
It's confusing, because they are each regenerations of the same person...
But when they regenerate, they take on a new form, and each form has a unique personality. 
So while technically they are the same person...they just aren't!
Did you follow that? 

Eff....the 9th Doctor {no explanation required, amiright ladies?}

Marry....the 10th Doctor {really, do I even need to explain this one?? Those eyes, that suit, and that personality! He is the best Doctor, hands down. I swoon on a regular basis for David Tennant's Doctor.}

Kill...the 11th Doctor {the bowtie just doesn't do it for me, and he just seems like a bit of a weenie. BEFORE YOU FANGIRLS GO NUTS ON ME, know that I haven't actually watched his season(s) yet. So this is an unscientific and wholly biased EMK.}

Where do the Doctors land on your list? 

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