"And Now We Must Turn It Into A Racing Car By...Bolting Lots of...Racing Car Bits To It."

Even though this day was a long time coming, I honestly felt like it would just never arrive. Ladies and gentlemen, I have bought a new (to me) car. 

Meet Pamela. She is a 2010 Ford Focus, with a manual transmission, and she rides like a dream.
 I don't have a marriage sack that fits her {yet}. 
The number one goal that I had for 2013 was to purchase a new car, and the fact that I can cross it off of my list in the first quarter of the year makes me incredibly proud. I could gush forever and ever about all of the reasons why I am so glad that I own (another) Focus, but I'll restrain myself from getting too mushy about my new baby. Can I just point out how nice it is to finally be driving a standard again? It feels like home. 

Have you crossed a goal off of your list yet this year?

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and then there was the time that my coworker emailed me an awesome photo AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE MINE

I'm probably a little over-excited about this...But the Chive included one of my pictures in their weekly 'well-put' round up

They didn't link to the original photo, which grinds my gears a little. It's called linking with love, and this is just another reminder why we should do it. It sort of sucks being on the receiving end of it! 

Regardless, it was an exciting moment during my otherwise crazy busy day week. 

Have you ever been surprised to find something you created in
an unexpected place? 

the countdown is on

New Years Eve isn't just another day to me. It is a day of reflection and anticipation, rejuvination and planning. Before I start looking forward to all of the {exciting!} things that will happen in 2013, I want to take a moment to recount my favourite {blogging} moments of 2012.

...there was the day that I realized that I am not a vlogger

...and the day that I realized that I needed to give away my cat.

...I started a new blog 
...and a new job.

...I celebrated a milestone birthday 
...and went on a milestone trip.

...against all odds, I have kept my horrible car alive (mostly).

...I expressed my feelings on a {very} delicate topic.

...and on a still delicate but less political topic.

...I learned a really important lesson

...and was seriously creeped out by an elf

Obviously there was so much more to my year than just the pictures that I posted or the things that I blogged about. So many things--both incredibly exciting and absolutely heartbreaking--have happened this year, and I am honestly thankful for it all. 

2012 was a year of new beginnings, fresh starts, and great friends. I can only hope that 2013 will be just as fantastic!

What were your 2012 highlights? 

Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

  1. Participating in Natalie's #OMGCOFFEMUGSWAP (or, trying to anyways. I received my amazing mug from Clare (blog post to come), but Canada Post keeps returning the package for Clare to me. But! It's in Australia so it should be delivered soon!!)
  2. Spending time with my sweet Little A. 
  3. Masquaraaaaaaade!! (Happy joint birthday, Lana & Becca!!)
  4. Finding the perfect wrapping paper for my always colour-coordinated Christmas presents. 
  5. Snuggling with the most irritating/cute kitty on the planet. 
  6. Sick days with a little girl (but we managed to sleep in!)
  7. Drinking green juice (I think Bolthouse adds crack to their juice, it's that addictive!) (obviously that was a hyperbole, I don't actually think that they would add crack!) (But it would explain a lot!) (JUST KIDDING)
  8. Buying a festive new case for my phone. 
  9. Wrapping a ridiculous number of presents while watching Home Alone 2. 
  10. Having a pint (or two) in celebration of a victory at work. 

I Hope That You Grow Up...

{are we friends on instagram yet?} 

My dear, sweet Audrey,

You are the very center of my world. There is nothing more important to me than ensuring your happiness. You are my jester, my snuggler, my baby girl.

I hope that you grow up to be a strong, passionate woman that is unafraid to follow her heart.

I hope that you grow up knowing how very important you are to so many people, and that you are wise enough to keep their love safe.

I hope that you grow up to know how to love unconditionally, and that you choose the right person to lavish this love upon.

I hope that you grow up to have a daughter that is just like you, because even on your worst day you are still the best thing to ever have happened to me.

I hope that you grow up understanding the importance of respect, both for yourself and for others.

I hope that you grow up with friends that will be there for you at each stage of life.

I hope that you grow up with faith in your heart, because it makes the really hard days so much easier.

I hope that you grow up knowing that no matter what happens, you can always come home again.

I hope that you grow up with happy memories of your childhood, even though you might struggle at times.

I hope that you never lose the compassion and empathy that is in your heart. You are such a loving and kind person.

I will never be able to truly express just how happy you make me. Sometimes, I am hard on you; it's not because I am mean, but because I know what you are capable of. Sometimes I get angry with you, but it's because I know that you know better. No matter what, never forget that you are my everything. I am your mama, and I love you so much more than I can put into words.

Thank you for being you, and thank you for loving me. Every hug is a cherished gift, every snuggle is a moment suspended in time.

Love you always,

Sometimes You Need To Quote Karl Lagerfeld

I finally started editing the photos from my trip to BC in June, and I'm glad that I waited so long. There is something about reliving memories that I absolutely adore, and the daunting task of sorting through my .jpegs did not disappoint!

It always blows me away that I manage to take thousands of photos over the course of a trip, but in the end I only fall in love with a few handfuls. 

Those few that I do love, though? I really, really love. 

Excuse Me While I Gush

I am not necessarily the easiest person to be in a relationship with. 
I swear like a trucker when I'm sewing Ugly Christmas sweaters, or when I'm trying to do my hair for a formal dinner. 
I get grumpy when I don't sleep for twelve hours, or when I realize that I didn't pack enough clothing. 
I am notorious for not finishing my dinner, taking the leftovers, and then forgetting about them in the truck for five days. 
When I get nervous I say "like" a lot, I say dumb things, and I talk too much.

And he handles it like a champ. 
Every single time. 

I'm a pretty lucky gal. 

Relationship Milestone: The First Road Trip

Tomorrow, The Boyfriend and I are leaving on our first vacation together. 
I'm excited, and a little nervous. He's going to learn a lot about me. 
He doesn't know that I'm like a paparazzo with my camera. 
He doesn't know that I can talk for the entire twenty hour drive. 
He doesn't know that I might scream for the entire zip line. 
And worst of all...
He doesn't know how much I overpack.
That's why I insisted that we drive in the truck instead of the Mustang, not because I was worried about comfort but because I was worried about the small trunk fitting all of my shoes.

I can't wait. 

I should probably go pack.