"And Now We Must Turn It Into A Racing Car By...Bolting Lots of...Racing Car Bits To It."

Even though this day was a long time coming, I honestly felt like it would just never arrive. Ladies and gentlemen, I have bought a new (to me) car. 

Meet Pamela. She is a 2010 Ford Focus, with a manual transmission, and she rides like a dream.
 I don't have a marriage sack that fits her {yet}. 
The number one goal that I had for 2013 was to purchase a new car, and the fact that I can cross it off of my list in the first quarter of the year makes me incredibly proud. I could gush forever and ever about all of the reasons why I am so glad that I own (another) Focus, but I'll restrain myself from getting too mushy about my new baby. Can I just point out how nice it is to finally be driving a standard again? It feels like home. 

Have you crossed a goal off of your list yet this year?

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Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.

I'm not shy about admitting that I'm a bit of a stress-case, and I've written about it a couple of times now. If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen quite a few of my stressed out tweets from 2012. 

Every time that I would come home and complain about what was stressing me out, The Boyfriend would just look and me and ask "...and why is this your problem?. It took a while (read: all year), but one day I realized what he had meant. I was spending too much time and energy stressing out over things that were not only beyond my control but also didn't even affect me that much. So I decided to selectively give fucks only when I needed to. The rest of it? I just stopped letting it bug me. 

Let me tell you, I feel wonderful! No longer do I sit at home and stew over whether or not So-And-So was going to do what they said they'd do. Instead, when I leave work I stop worrying about work. And when I'm at work, I just don't let the little things get to me. 

Since this revelation came to me so late in 2012, I'm making "give less fucks" a resolution this year. Or, sorry. I'm going to "focus on what is important and forget about the rest", but just know that this is code for "only giving fucks when necessary". 

What bad habits are you trying to break this year?

Not all those who wander are lost.

Even the years that I refused to make resolutions, I always managed to say "but I also want to travel more". I was bitten with the travel bug when I was young, and I'm really not that interested in finding a cure if I'm being perfectly honest. 

For the first time in a very long time ever, I didn't step foot on a plane last year. Not once during 2012 did I check in online, rush to an airport, sit sleep through the safety demonstration, or otherwise partake in airport shenanigans. This makes me sad. Very sad, actually, if I think about it for too long. So instead of thinking about it, I'm going to plan. 

The only place that I know that I'm going to visit for sure in 2013 is Montreal (which is wonderful, because I love that city very nearly as much as I love Paris). While I love the city, and it will be beautiful in May, I also am itching to go somewhere new. 

Here is a (very short, not nearly complete) list of things that I'd like to do in 2013 that require traveling: 
  1. Drink beer on a beach.
  2. Watch the sun rise (or set) from an airplane.
  3. Bask in the satisfying feeling of consuming my first Tim Horton's coffee upon arrival in Canada. 
  4. Have an airline hostess either a) wake me up for the safety demo or b) tell me that I have to turn my e-reader off for takeoff (DOESN'T ANYONE ELSE FIND THIS JUST A LITTLE BIT RIDICULOUS?!?!).
  5. Pack at the last minute and forget something that seems absolutely essential at the time of remembrance but turns out to be something that I wouldn't have used anyways.
  6. Earn another stamp for my passport. 
  7. Run out of space on my 10GB memory card (from one trip). 
  8. Spend time entirely outside of my own comfort zone "just for the experience". 
  9. Go an entire week without checking emails, texts, voicemails, Facebook, Twitter or uploading a  photo to Instagram. 
  10. Step foot on French soil. 
What are your travel goals for 2013? 

Books! The Best Weapons In The World.

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21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 

All of my life I have been an incurable bookworm. I would devour any book that I could get my hands on, and frequently I would get in trouble for staying up all night because I had to read just one more page. These past few years, for whatever reason, I've very nearly stopped reading. I continue to buy more and more books, and I start most of them, but the last book that I was able to finish entirely was Fifty Shades of Grey--not exactly my proudest moment, let me tell you. 

I want this year to be different. I want to lose myself in books again; I want to be immersed in different times and places. I miss falling in love with fictional characters

This is the first part of my reading list, a digital library neatly organized in iBooks; the second half of my reading list is scattered around my condo in haphazard stacks of paperbacks and hardcover books. This year, I am going to rediscover my love for reading books--and praying that I don't end up hate-reading horrible books again. {There might be a few trashy novels in the summer because that's what summer is for!}

What is your number one goal for 2013?