five ways to wear florals to work this spring

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Set 1: Zara blazer, 100 CAD / Mango straight pants, 61 CAD / Luichiny yellow peep toe pumps, 86 CAD / Joanna maxham, 230 CAD

Set 2: Miss Selfridge peter pan collar shirt, 54 CAD / Floral skinny jeans, 41 CAD / Steve Madden pointy toe shoes, 100 CAD / Kate Spade handbag, 260 CAD

Set 3: SuperTrash dress , 195 CAD / Floral print shoes, 51 CAD / Olivia + Joy olivia joy handbag, 61 CAD

Set 4: Roseanna deep v back dress, 555 CAD / JustFabulous grey booties, 51 CAD / Marc Jacobs leather handbag, 1,110 CAD

Set 5: See through top, 46 CAD / Witchery slim fit jeans, 105 CAD / Qupid , 41 CAD / Kate Spade metallic sandals, 200 CAD

How will you be wearing florals this spring?

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The Elusive Leather Tote

Leather Totes

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While I may not be a patient person, I am quite stubborn. Three years ago I decided that I wanted to buy a leather tote; it had to be a darker brown, made of a soft leather, and it had to have a top closure. The task sounded easy enough, since I was describing a classic-style purse that would never go out of style. Well, three years later I am still on the hunt. Perhaps I am too picky, but I have yet to find a bag that has caught my eye--or rather, I need to find a bag that isn't $3000 that will catch my eye! The elusive leather tote has found its home on my list of investment pieces, and for now that is where it will stay. 

What items are you willing to wait for?

Crazy for Coats

Winter Wonderland

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Now that I have been at my legit Big Girl Job for {almost} six months, I have this itch to piece together a new wardrobe. The kind of wardrobe that contains investment pieces; classic items that are well-made and will last a long time forever. 

First on my list of investment pieces? A trench coat. Well, two actually: a gorgeous {and warm!} trench for winter, and a lighter trench for spring and fall. 

This is apparently quite the mission, and so far I am still on the prowl for just the right coat(s) to splurge on. For now, my clearance rack black trench coat will just have to do. 

What wardrobe item do you want to splurge on?

Weekly Wrap Up #9

the train tracks at fort edmonton park.

So what have I learned this past week?
  •  Essie's Lapiz of Luxury is the only nail polish I own that I hate using my matte top coat with. It looks horrible. 
  • Tim Horton's can run out of coffee, and it is a horrible experience. 
  • English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey tea are not the same thing. 
  • I was not emotionally prepared for frost or snow. I wanted autumn; crisp fall days, knitted sweaters and riding boots, and plenty of apple cider. Not frost on my windows, winter boots and snow during my commute. Not cool, Mother Nature
  • I still need a vacation, and I still have not been able to book one. I guess there is always 2013?
  • I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE THANKSGIVING LONG WEEKEND. Bowls of Grandma's stuffing, get in my belly. 
Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?
  1. Having a bad day? Let the manatees make it better. 
  2. Everyone needs an awesome Star Wars wallpaper for their iPhone! {I have this one right now, and I love it!}
  3. If I had the patience, this would be my pumpkin for Halloween. 
  4. This is officially number one on my Christmas list...and this is number two. And three.
  5. I would wear these everywhere, even to work. 
What is your favourite Thanksgiving dish?