Four Steps to a Perfect Manicure

I am a little bit obsessed with painting my nails as of late.  Every few days I change the color, and through trial and error I have found a routine that works for me (pictured above in order).

More advice stemming from my many nail polish failures:
  • Once a week, after removing the old polish, I use a cuticle remover (Quo by Orly Cuti-Prep) and push back any remaining cuticle. This will give your manicure a more professional finish.
  • I am in love with base & top coats from Essie, although I find that their colored polish formula is very thin and takes many (usually four) coats in order to bring out the color that you see in the bottle.
  • For other brands of polish, I only apply the Good To Go on the top layer of color; for Essie I apply this between coats of color--this is necessary as the Essie polish also takes forever to dry. Love the color, hate how much effort using it can be sometimes.
  • I reapply the No Chips Ahead top coat nightly until I remove it; this keeps my nails glossy after a day of hand washing and lotioning.
  • Other (colored) polish brands that I swear by are OPI and Sally Hansen InstaDry--the brush that comes with the InstaDry is amazing and should really be the standard for all brands! 

{The Essie polish pictured above is my current favourite, Lapiz of Luxury.} 

What are your favourite nail products?