Monday Mashup: Mommy Brain

Today's Parent
Is it lame to admit that I have a subscription to Today's Parent that I wait for every month? I hope not, because I love it. The recipes are easy and kid-friendly, the articles having varying point of views--and they don't engage in the bottle vs. boob battle, which I appreciate. Also, there are random gems that make my heart happy.

Birthday Parties are Exhausting
We had a birthday party yesterday, and everyone involved was played out! We swam for an hour and a half, including lots of stairs to the Big Giant Waterslide, and then the kids (and some of the adults) ran around in a backyard for hours having fun. It was tons of fun, and thank you to everyone that came!

I Have Amazing Friends
Seriously, I am the luckiest person to have the people in my life that I do. I love you all with my entire heart.

Children Raise Parents
I am forever learning something new from my little girl. Yesterday, after opening all of her presents, Audrey looked at me and asked "When can I open my real present?" and instantly I wanted to crawl under a rock and die. I tried to explain that we say thank-you for our gifts and don't ask for more, and I sent her off to play while I tried to apologize to the parents and stewed in her rudeness. Normally she is so well-behaved and polite! In the car, I asked her what she had meant, thinking that maybe she was disappointed for not getting a specific gift. "But Maman, I just wanted to open up my real present so that Chasey and I could play with it." Audrey replied, "We wanted to go shopping." As soon as I understood that she wanted to open up her "real" food and shopping cart, I felt terrible for getting grumpy with her.

Normally Audrey is very well-spoken and communicative, and I've always spoken to her the same way that I would speak to another adult (without expletives of course!). Sometimes I forget that she's actually only a preschooler and struggles with communicating what she is thinking, and this was a very good reminder for me.

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