My Favourite Products: Face

I am a beauty product hoarder. I have baskets, drawers, boxes, and cabinets full of lotions, potions and powders; I am ashamed to say that out of my entire stash, I use only four on a regular basis. I'm going to pretend that it is because I am entirely low maintenance and not because most days I'm lucky if I brush my hair. These items are part of my standard routine, and although they aren't perfect they are my favourite items that I have found so far. None are more than $20 (in Canada), and all can be found at most drug stores. 

  1. Cover Girl Lash Blast waterproof mascara in Black (about $10). It lengthens and lifts lashes without curling, it's as close to sweat proof as I have found, and as long as you don't go crazy it doesn't clump up. One thing I have noticed is that the tube will get old and dried out quickly with regular use--I'm lucky if I get a month out of it before it starts to turn.
  2. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with SPF 15 (about $15). I will admit that I cheat on this lotion whenever I run out, but it never fails--I always go back. It has a lightweight formula, isn't shiny or greasy, and keeps my skin from flaking in the dry Albertan winters. A bonus for me is that it doesn't make my temperamental skin break out.
  3. Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser (about $15). This is the only cleanser I have ever used that softens my skin just from washing it. It is gentle, with none of the exfoliating agents that my skin can't handle. It isn't awesome at removing eye makeup, so make sure that you have your trusty oil-free eye makeup remover on hand to get rid of the raccoon eyes.
  4. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (about $4). I swear by Burt's Bees products for my lips, and the balm is my favourite because I don't have the urge to slather too much on like I might with a chapstick. It leaves them soft, and I actually enjoy the slightly minty flavor.