Really Easy DIY: Painting Signs

I absolutely love crafts and DIY projects, yet I am notorious for starting something and not finishing it. I have a red Rubbermaid container that I call my craft graveyard; in it are partially-knitted baby blankets (originally intended for children who are now almost school-aged), an almost-complete cross-stitched giraffe (originally meant for my four year old daughters nursery), and a myriad of unfinished Christmas decorations and wreaths. It has always bothered me that I haven't completed these projects, although admittedly not enough to actually complete them.

I am putting my foot down, however. No longer will the Arts & Crafts feed on Pinterest make me feel bad about my lack of craftiness. No longer will I hurry past the craft aisle for fear of adding to my Bin of Craft Despair. I am going to jump on the DIY train and not bail out as soon as I realise that I don't actually know what I'm doing. The only way to get better at something is to do it, isn't that the cliche that applies here?

My first (small) step into the DIY world was to paint a sign that I've had sitting in a box for years. Not exactly a homemade kitchen table (that's what DIY-ers make, right?), but I figured easing into the genre would be the best way to not scare me off.

I've had this sign for years, bought most likely at a Dollar Store on one of those boredom trips where I buy all the things. I like the message of it, but I've always hated the color. It was intended for my living room, where all of my shelving is dark wood, so it just didn't look right. Then on a separate trip to the Dollar Store where I bought all the things, I fell in love with a turquoise acrylic paint; I knew that I had found the right color for the sign. "BUT HOW WOULD IT GET ON THERE??" was my first thought, closely followed by "duh, you have to paint it". Sometimes I surprise myself with the way my brain works. Anyway, while sitting at my kitchen table and after much deliberation, I decided to use sand paper to rough up the surface so that the paint would adhere. 

Sandpaper not pictured because I didn't take a photo of it. I think it was medium sandpaper.  Also not photographed is the sign after sanding but before painting, because I'm clearly really awesome at tutorials. Also also not photographed was the sign as it was being painted. I'm pretty sure you guys know how to paint. If you don't, then I cannot help you. I'm sorry. 
Some of the curves in the wood were really difficult to paint, for them I actually used a smaller paintbrush that is also not pictured. I'll try to make my next tutorial a little more tutorial-esque, sorry dudes. I applied four coats to ensure an even and opaque covering. The acrylic paint seemed to dry really fast (about five minutes after applying it), so all in all it took me about an hour from start to finish--that includes thinking, sanding, painting, and drying time.

For right now, the spiffed-up sign has found a home on my TV stand; the paint that I used has a matte finish, and I might use a gloss top coat once I know how I feel about it.

Thanks for sticking around for my first DIY tutorial! What have you crafted lately?