Less Is Usually More

I have this idea in my head for how I want my bedroom to look, and so far it's coming together quite well: the royal purple paint looks fantastic and my white wood-framed bed and bedside table are a striking but feminine contrast to the dark walls. For the first time in my life, I have an adult bedroom. Almost. The only thing not right quite yet is the wall where I have my dresser. 

This is what I have in mind: 

Those ovals are supposed to be chandelier-style sconces, but my Paint skills are mediocre. 

I'm not going to post a photo of what it ACTUALLY looks like, because it would be incredibly embarrassing. Think towers of Rubbermaid containers and piles of stuff on top of my tall white childhood dresser, with overflowing jewellery hangers and baskets of junk. Not exactly the stylish adult bedroom that I'm aiming for. 

Since I'm a compulsive planner, I started scouring Pinterest the internet for a dresser, lights, and the mirror. Boy howdy, did I find the perfect pieces to use! 

Gorgeous, non? Also: OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE. Some people wouldn't balk at spending almost two grand on a dresser, but I am not one of those people. Except for my appliances, Audrey's Tinkerbell toddler bed, and our vintage dressers, every stitch of my furniture was bought at Ikea--and how many people can say that they furnished a three bedroom condo for under two thousand dollars?! ($1882.87 CAD, in case you're wondering.)

Now that we have established just how cheap thrifty I am, let's go through the budget-friendly alternate that I have created: 

All of these pieces are from Ikea, and I almost like this look better. The lines are cleaner, the weight of the frame on the mirror balances the dresser well, and the sconces are romantic without feeling opulent. I would just need to add a blue sea glass bowl and some painted mason jars on top of the dresser, and then I'd have completed the last piece to my "Big Girl bedroom" puzzle for about $500. 

Would you spend $2000 on a single piece of furniture?