My Mother's Biggest Shame {Was} My Office

Since the day that I moved out of my mother's house, the room that I called an office was the bane of her existence. I have never worked from home, and I've always owned a laptop, so it just wasn't a high priority room for me--and it drove her nuts!

Don't get me wrong, I always put together my desk and bookcase, and I always set up my iMac. Usually that would be as far as I would go though. I bought my condo almost a year ago, and I still had untouched boxes from when I lived in Calgary two years ago!

I justified the state of the room to myself in two ways: I told myself that everyone has a room that they hide from anyone outside of immediate family and non-judgmental friends; & I'm a single mom that works full time, takes classes, and finds time to parent an active four year old--I don't have time to worry about a home office! 

But really? The idea of trips down memory lane going back who knows how far and throwing stuff out just did not appeal to me. So I stuck the kitty litter in the closet and the cat food by the door and mostly left the room alone. 

Until my mom showed up at my condo, toting a bin that looked suspiciously like her DIY kit, and announced that it was time for me to be an adult. I'm exaggerating, actually she said "We're doing the office today!" and I attempted to hide under my covers to avoid the reality that she was presenting me with. Turns out the old "if I can't see you, you don't exist" mantra is a lie. She could still see me, and she made me get out of bed and work on my office. 

It took six hours, a few power tools, lots of storage bins and garbage bags, and a label maker, but the room is well on it's way to resembling a genuine home office. Everything has been unpacked and sorted into labelled bins, the furniture has been moved, and we added another bookcase for more storage. 

There is still a long to do list before it is done, including: closet doors and organizing the contents of the closet; hanging diplomas and photos; finding a cute cork board and/or magnetic board; changing out the very ugly ceiling fan for something that doesn't assault the eyes; hang shelves; and (most importantly) I need to buy a new mouse pad and a Bluetooth Apple keyboard. Priorities, I have 'em. 

I won't admit it to her, but I'm glad we did it. It's nice to have a room specifically set up for me to work in--even if so far the closest that I've come to working in my office is to paint my nails at my desk and Pin the entire internet. 

Do you have one of those shameful rooms that you don't let company see?