Things I Heart: Dresses

1-Costa Blanca  | 2-Costa Blanca  | 3- Vero Moda  | 4-H&M | 5-Costa Blanca 

I would very happily wear a dress every single day, if only the Edmonton weather would cooperate with me! Now that the summer weather has shown up, though, I plan on wearing dresses, skirts, and shorts as much as possible until it gets far too cold for exposed skin and I end up wearing nothing but pants (with leggings underneath!) for months on end.

The one thing that I dislike about dresses is how unnecessarily expensive they can be! Call me cheap if you'd like, but there are very few instances where I will spend more than $50 on a dress; all of the above dresses were under $40, mostly because I shamelessly shop the sale racks at already decently-priced stores.

I am forever perusing online for dresses, where I always find so many gorgeous dresses at a great price point, but I can never bring myself to actually buy them for fear of them not fitting. I am well aware that most online retailers will exchange and/or refund my money in the event that it doesn't fit or that I'm dissatisfied; it's just so time consuming to have to wait for it to arrive, then send it back and wait for a new size to arrive.

Have you ever shopped online for clothing? What was your experience with fit/exchanges?