"Bah! Mondays!" she said with disdain.


I woke up this morning completely and irrationally mad at Boyfriend. In my dream, he had reached over and turned my alarm off, then proceeded to yell at me for hitting snooze way too many times. Now, in reality, I hit snooze approximately eight times every morning. He's never actually yelled at me for it, but he is quick to point out how incredibly irritating it is. So this totally could have happened in real life. 

I'm not one of those people that jumps out of bed at the first chime of my alarm, ready to face the day. 

No. This is not me at all. Those people bug me to no end.

I hit snooze, pull the blanket over my head, and grumble for the next nine minutes until my alarm goes off again. I repeat this several times; if I'm at Boyfriend's house, then after the second time I'm either being kicked (gently) out of bed, or he flat-out tells me to knock it off. If I'm at home, then Boy Cat will slap me with his paw (claws out) until I get up. 

This morning, it was me that attacked my alarm. But instead of hitting snooze I turned it off. So I woke up an hour later in a mad panic, knowing that I still had to take my dog home and get ready for work, and was super stressed out about having to rush around. {Is anyone happy when they wake up stressed??} In my dream-addled mind, though, I blamed Boyfriend. I almost didn't give him a kiss when I left. 

But I did, and I managed to instruct him to have a good day--in probably the least loving tone I could muster. But it's the try that counts, right?

Have you ever been mad at someone for what they did in your dream?