Eff, Marry, Kill!


Michelle from The Vintage Apple might be my blogging soul mate, because her theme for this week's Eff, Marry, Kill is: 

HOT MEN OF THE 80's!!!!!

Um, love. So much love for this, which is why I am participating. Can we get a drumroll for my picks please?

Everyone's favourite teen heartthrob, Michael J. Fox

The jock of all jock's, Emilioooooooo Estevez

The Man, Harrison Ford*

I'm kind of kicking myself for not choosing Anthony Michael Hall...that would have made choosing "kill" way easier (sorry, Brian!). 

I don't know that it even needs to be stated, OBVIOUSLY my Eff choice is Han. Mr Solo, you can say "I know" when I tell you that I love you any day

I would totally marry Michael J Fox. Yum. 

So that leaves Emilio as my kill choice...not because I don't like him--even if he's kind of douchey at the beginning of The Breakfast Club--but because I like him least out of these three. 

*Empire Strikes Back came out in 1980, naysayers, so Han Solo TOTALLY COUNTS.

What would your choices be?