If You Really Knew Me...

I've seen this floating around on {Kristin's and Jenni's and Michelle's and Jessica's} many blogs recently, and I am going to blatantly copy them by doing my own. I think each one of their entries are beautiful, and honest, and personal, and relatable. So here is my take on it...

If you really knew me, you'd know that...

...I am incredibly emotional. From happiness to sadness, I feel emotions to the extreme. Naturally, this isn't always easy for those around me!

...I cannot stand feet--most especially having my own feet touched. Four people in this world have the ability to touch my feet without being kicked in the face by me, and that's only if they don't abuse it by tickling them.

...I am happiest when surrounded by (or at least near) large bodies of water. I grew up beside the Pacific ocean, so being near water makes me feel like I'm home. Many, many times I've been told by people that I'm a different person around water, and it's true. I'm less tense, I deal with my stress better, and I feel happier.

...my first love language is Words of Affirmation. If you want me to know that you care, you need to tell me. If you like something that I've done (and want me to do it again), compliment me when I do it. If you want to encourage me to do something more often, use affirming words. Praise will get you far with me...for the most part. This isn't just about a romantic relationship, it extends to platonic relationships as well!

...my second love language is physical touch. Self-explanatory, but also not necessarily just romantic. It means that I'm a hugger, and if I hug you then I feel closer to you. Also I'll hug you when you're upset, it's a reflex. On the flip side...hug me for a minimum of six seconds if I look sad. It's science.

...I'm incredibly girly. I love wearing dresses and skirts, I'll take the time to curl my hair or put on makeup, and I love to wear high heels and jewelry.

...I sleep soundly (and for about 12 hours at a time) when I'm content. Stress, worry, anxiety, anger, frustration--all of these affect my sleep patterns negatively. I also don't function very well when I'm tired, which helps nothing.

...I will justify spending hundreds of dollars on a high-quality purse because they seriously can last forever.

...I'm actually a pretty quiet person. I tend to chatter if I'm nervous, stressed out, or worried. Or tired. Or excited. The important part of this ramble is that you should feel pretty special if I feel comfortable enough to stay quiet for long periods of time with you. It means you're one of my few "comfort" people.

...I have baggage.

...my birthday really is that important to me. More important than Christmas. Is it selfish? Yes. But this is directly related to the above-mentioned baggage, so any attempts to make it out of the ordinary would leave me speechless.

...I never stop loving someone. There are a small handful of people that I have said those three words to, and even though I'm not in love with the people of my past...they are still there, in their own way.

...I'm a traditionalist, and a romantic at heart. Wooing will also get you far with me.

What would the people who really know you say about you?