Weekly Wrap Up # 2

Lordy, has this ever been an exhausting week! It has been crazy hot in Edmonton for the past few weeks, so we've been having intense nighttime storms with pounding rain, booming thunder, and lightning as bright as the sun. On Monday evening I came home to find that my cat, Toulouse, had somehow gotten his foot caught up in the cords in my blinds. He's going to be fine--his foot is swollen, and it's sore, but the coloring is back to normal and he is starting to walk on it. It hurts my heart to see him limp around, but I'm so very glad that he is going to be ok!

So what have I learned this week? 

  • Nothing is safe for cats. Polysporin, aspirin, benadryl--the things that I am so used to relying on for my  dog--are toxic to cats. So you just have to watch them hurt, and cry a lot. 
  • Even if something is entirely out of your control, you will feel entirely culpable and guilty. And cry a lot.
  • Mini freezies make excellent ice packs for cat paw trauma.
  • Book clubs are actually really fun--even if no one in attendance actually finishes the book. 
  • Waiting for your best friend to have her baby is stressful. Although I'm very certain that she was much more stressed than I!
  • I should not be allowed to hold babies. It just makes me want them. And...no. Nope. I just shouldn't hold them. They're so tiny and sweet and they smell amazing when they aren't poopy. Yep. Staying away from babies. 
  • My car occasionally makes a sound that I can only describe as "trash compactor". I am told that this is neither good, nor cheap to fix. 

Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people write. What were my favourite reads this week?
  1. Probably the coolest parenting idea ever
  2. "I hope your raving ginger kid was worth the dark carnival of souls" I shouldn't read Noa Gavin at work, because I laugh like a maniac and my co-workers think that I'm having a seizure. 
  3. ...although Noa was spot-on with this one. 
  4.  Natasha's box of post cards made my heart melt, because I am a sucker for cheesy romantic gestures
  5.  I stumbled across Rebecca's style blog, and I am in love with her photography and location choices. 
  6. Blaming the Catholic School of your youth for your weight gain? That's something that I'd do, too.