July Glossybox Review

July was the month where I popped my Glossybox cherry. I was late to the party with signing up, so I didn't receive my July box until 03 August.

The packaging was beautiful, and the box is very high-quality and sturdy. {So sturdy, in fact, that it now has a home in my bathroom drawer to hold my nail accessories.} 

1-dove visible care softening creme body wash | 2- eucerin calming creme for dry skin | 3-alessandro international pedix feet heel rescue balm | 4-john frieda collection frizz ease hair serum extra strength | 5-zoya professional nail laquer in 'myrta' | {hidden} beauty so clean cosmetic sanitizer wipes

I will admit that I was slightly disappointed when I opened it up. Glossybox was described to me as "Canada's version of Birchbox" so I was expecting something entirely different than what I got. Even their website describes it as "makeup samples and luxury cosmetics from top brands in one box". I suppose that this isn't a lie, seeing as John Frieda and Dove are both best-selling brands; they are drugstore rather than luxury brands, though, so really I think that Glossybox should call a spade a spade.
Regardless, instead reviewing them negatively (based on both my perception as well as their marketing campaign), I decided to give them an honest try. I don't have dry skin or frizzy hair, I don't even have a skin tone that compliments the color of nail polish that was chosen for me. But everyone deserves a fair try, so I have spent most of August testing everything.
Dove body wash: This one was a no-brainer for me, because I love Dove products. I actually had to put the bottle of Dove body wash that I was currently using into storage so that I could test the one that Glossybox sent. It delivered on it promises--it visibly moisturized and softened my skin just from using it, although it only lasts a few hours after my shower and then my skin is back to normal. It also smelled great, which is always a pleasant surprise.
Verdict: I would buy this for regular use.

Eucerin lotion: I found this lotion to be slightly greasy, and it seemed to leave a film on my skin. There were multiple times that I touched my black blazer and ended up with white flakes on it, which is kind of gross. I didn't notice a change in how soft my hands were either. 
Verdict: I would not buy this for regular use because I found that it did not work.

Alessandro International heel balm: This product surprised me the most. I had never heard of the brand, and it smelled a little weird. Minty, and slightly moldy. To say that I was hesitant to use it was an understatement. I persevered, though. I slathered it onto my heels, put on a pair of cotton socks, and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning (other than my feet smelling like moldy toothpaste), my heels were very soft. I had a slight callous that seems to have disappeared, and my heels feel great. 
Verdict: I would buy this for occasional use.

John Frieda Frizz Ease: Well, this was pointless to try. My hair is very fine, and I don't have a lot of it, so when I used even a fraction of what was recommended, it turned my hair greasy. If you're a fan of the wet-look hairstyles, though, this could do the job beautifully I'm sure. 
Verdict: I would not buy this for regular use because it is not formulated for my hair type.

Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer: This colour looked horrible on my toes, and I did not even attempt to put it on my finger nails. I double-checked my beauty profile with Glossybox to make sure that I didn't accidentally request bold colours; I didn't. I had selected "natural" and "neutral" for my colour palettes, so I'm not sure how I ended up with the brightest orange the world has every seen. That being said, I did like the actual product so that is an important fact to note. The consistency of the formula was great, the brush wasn't flimsy or cheap, and the iridescent shimmer in the color was pretty. 
Verdict: I would buy this product for regular use, but in another color.

Beauty So Clean cosmetic wipes: I actually own this brand already, too. I use the brush spray to clean my makeup brushes, as well as to clean my compacts occasionally. Because of this, I found the wipes to be redundant for home use. They would be excellent for travel, since they don't take up a lot of space and you don't have to worry about bringing a liquid product. 
Verdict: I would buy these for travel use.

Overall Impression: Although I felt that they were slightly dishonest with their marketing, I did enjoy my first Glossybox and I will continue my subscription (for now). I feel like I did receive my $15 worth, and I discovered two brands that were otherwise unknown to me. I hope that my next boxes take into consideration my beauty profile, however, because sending me products for frizzy hair (when I indicated that mine is fine) and a color that cannot possibly be considered natural or neutral when I clearly indicated that these were what I was interested in is slightly frustrating. It also made me feel like the box was not personalized in any way, and that every subscriber had received the same box as mine. 
I would recommend Glossybox to my Canadian lovelies that enjoy trying new products, and the price seems reasonable for what you get. Click here to join in on the fun!
This post was not sponsored by Glossybox, and the opinions contained herein are my own. Negative reviews are not meant maliciously, they are simply given when I do not personally enjoy a product. If I have given one of your products a negative review and you wish to discuss this, please feel free to send me an email. By utilizing my "click here" link, you are letting Glossybox know that I have referred you. I receive no cash compensation for this, although I will earn GLOSSYdots that can be used towards free boxes in the future.