No More Nagging!

Rakas Kesa

After reading The Happiness Project, I was inspired to embark on my own journey to find personal happiness. Each Wednesday I will be posting about my weekly challenge, including both successes and failures. Follow along, and don't be afraid to join in! 


We've all been there: we ask someone to do something, and they don't do it. So we ask again, and again, until we're either a broken record or incredibly upset. Frequently it can turn into a fight with the other person, because seriously who likes to be nagged? And then the inevitable is said: "If you would have just done it when I first asked you to, then I wouldn't be nagging you". I don't know about you, but I hate hearing that phrase. As soon as someone says it to me, my response is usually "just because I didn't do it on your schedule doesn't mean that it won't get done!". And then? All hell breaks loose. 

Even though it makes me mad when someone nags me, I still nag other people. My daughter gets the brunt of it, really. She is incredibly intelligent and able to do things, like cleaning her room, without my assistance. I might have to remind her which shelf her Barbie bin goes on, and sometimes I have to remind her that we're cleaning and not playing, but for the most part she just does things when I ask her to. Not to be That Mom, but she is magnificent because she is so easy to deal with. 

Because I don't normally have to ask her more than once when she doesn't do something as soon as I ask, it frustrates me--which tends to make me angry. I turn into a nagging monster--I don't know how many of you have a four year old, but let me tell you that nagging just makes everything worse with them. As soon as you get upset, they get upset. The more you ask them to do something, the less they are willing to do it. Wait...that might be everyone, not just four year olds. Still, this life lesson stands. Nagging leads to discord, which leads to an unhappy home. Who wants an unhappy home? Certainly not this girl.

My goal for this past week was to completely quit nagging, and thus avoiding many unnecessary arguments. Patience is something that I lack, so finding more of this goes hand-in-hand with cutting nagging out of my life. Instead of getting angry, I planned to keep calm. Instead of asking eight times while threatening to throw the TV out of the window, I was going to be more reasonable with my threats of punishment so that I would actually stick to them. And, probably most importantly, I'd stop expecting people to drop everything they are doing to complete my task the second I ask it of them, because it's absolutely ludicrous to expect that. Unless I'm asking someone to put out a literal fire, then they better move their butts pronto. 

Well, it was a very easy week because my daughter was at her dad's house and I wasn't at Boyfriend's house very often. I didn't actually have to deploy my carefully crafted plan. So I passed it with flying colors. 

Cheating? Maybe. But a pass is a pass. 

Next Week: No phone zone.