Weekly Wrap Up #6

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So what have I learned these past two weeks (since I skipped last week)?

  • I can never watch too many shark shows. Boyfriend, on the other hand, can only handle two.
  • Never tell anyone that you're awesome with Excel, because suddenly you will be making a bunch of spreadsheets for them because they don't realize that you can Google it. 
  •  You will never be able to successfully replicate an awesome manicure that you saw online. Instead, you will spend hours putting nail polish on, then taking it off, then putting it on, then getting mad and throwing the bottles across the room. Pro tip: make sure you securely fasten the top before throwing.  
  •  I found out that I have masochistic tenancies--when it comes to reading terrible books, that is. Irony! 
  • Glitter nail polish will last through the apocalypse. 
  • Starbucks Pro Tip: A venti hot chocolate with three shots is the same thing as a venti mocha if you ask for two shots of vanilla, but the latter is $1.48 cheaper.
  • Colour-depositing conditioner will turn blue nail polish pink, defying all laws of design and color mixing.
  • Hard conversations shouldn't be avoided because in the end you will feel better for having it. 
Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people write. What were my favourite reads this week?
  1. The only thing better than reading a well-written Monty Python recap on Monday morning is telling your coworker about it and reciting pretty much the entire movie while in a fit of giggles. 
  2.  Before saying something, consult this flow-chart to see if it's acceptable to say. (Hint: all signs point to not saying anything at all)
  3.  This made me giggle because {spoiler} the peeping tom was a deer
  4.  I was nodding my head and saying "Hell YEAH!" pretty much throughout this entire tirade. Jenny, you are wonderful. 

Audrey and I are planning on spending as much time in our pajamas this weekend as possible.
How will you be spending the second-to-last weekend of summer?