Are You Pro or Anti Choice?

I try really hard to stay out of the political spectrum on this blog. I am not a political blogger, and I don't really care to be. Every once in a while, though, something political happens to make me incredibly upset. Motion 312 has does exactly that.  

Now, let me start by saying that I'm not entirely opposed to revisiting the idea of when a fetus becomes a living being. We really do not know when a fetus starts to actually feel (not just react to stimuli), or think. However, to me it does not seem appropriate at all for this discussion to take place as a political debate. This is something that should be in the hands of the scientists, the people who are actually able to prove and disprove theories. 

I have read the political and social commentaries that discuss the Motion, and I am well aware that the Motion does not, in itself, give the government the ability to criminalize abortion. What the results would do, however, is alter when in a woman's pregnancy an abortion can be performed. Ultimately, this would result in limiting a woman's right to choose abortion as an option. 

I'm not writing this because I champion abortion. I don't--in fact, I can't imagine any situation where I would choose abortion for myself. But that's my choice, not yours. What is important to me is having the choice at all, to be the only person making the decisions about what is and isn't right for my own body. Let me frame this another way: I am not a Mormon. I have made the conscious choice to not follow Mormonism as my religion. Does this make the people who choose Mormonism bad people? Does it make Mormonism bad? No, of course not! Why is this different? Why is it OK to choose which faith to follow, but not OK to choose what to do with your body? 

It grinds my gears that people have decided what the labels of each side should be--Pro Choice vs. Pro Life-- as well. Being Pro Choice does not mean that I am anti-life. Logically, they should be labelled Pro Choice and Anti-Choice, or Pro Free Will and Anti-Free Will. Because any way that you slice it, so-called "pro lifers" are actively advocating the government to take away a women's right to choose. The term 'Pro Life' is incredibly misleading because it assumes that the other side of the argument is Pro Death. Do I need to repeat that this isn't at all the case? 

{For the religious crowd: The only one that can judge me and my actions is the God that I choose to believe in. And please, don't quote me Bible passages; because I've read Titus 2:14 and Isaiah 1:18, and I know that the Lord will forgive me for my sins. Even John 3:16 reminds me that He sent his  only Son to wash away my sins. All of my sins, all of your sins. He doesn't pick and choose, he loves us all unconditionally.}

It is not my place to judge the choices or actions of others. So what makes you so special that you can dictate to other women what they can and cannot do with their bodies?