More Facts {About Me}

Fact: Katherine Heigl movies always make me happy {even One For The Money, and that movie was absolutely horrible.}

Fact: My very favourite side dish is mashed potatoes and gravy {the gravy goes on the side, because no one can make a potato volcano as well as I can!}

Fact: I always have a stick of antiperspirant with me {smelling gross is not an option}

Fact: The "life is like a box of chocolates" quote from Forest Gump annoys me to no end {probably because it's overused--"get at me", anyone??!!}

Fact: I never used to be a big crier, but in the last few years I've turned into a cry machine {TV commercials and billboards have had me in tears...and they weren't for World Vision or the ASPCA!}

Fact: I have learned to be unapologetic about expressing my opinions, because people have steamrolled me in the past {although I try to stay tactful!}

Fact: I could never let someone sweep me off my feet and foot the bill for my entire life {some parts of my life, however, would be welcome!}