The Facts of {My} Life

Fact: I'm more than slightly obsessed with crocheting at the moment. I was up until eleven last night googling patterns and stitches and ideas. I hit the motherlode--more on this at a later date. This is good news for my shop-opening plan!

Fact: I cannot stand radishes. The smell of them makes my stomach do flip-flops. 

Fact: I'm jealous of all of the little kids that are buying new school supplies right now. School supplies are crack to me, especially fresh notebooks. 

Fact: I stay Facebook friends with some people because their drama is better than watching TLC. I'm not ashamed of this. 

Fact: I am a serial eye roller.

Fact: Captain America is the best (individual) Marvel movie to date. Clearly The Avengers is in a class of it's own. I will not engage in a "But TONY STARK" conversation. I'll choose a gentleman over a millionaire playboy philanthropist who is a total jerk any day. 

Fact: I spend more time adjusting my pantyhose and attempting to make it comfortable than actually working some days. 

Fact: I have seen Mamma Mia! thousands of times, but I will still happily sit and watch the movie in its entirety whenever my daughter asks for it.

What are some of the facts of your life?