Weekly Wrap Up #8 {sort of!}

Y'all, let me start by saying that I will not be sad to see September end this weekend! It's been a pretty crappy month for me, and I'm more than ready to get on with October! 

So what have I learned this past week month?
  • Sometimes life just sucks, and you can't really do anything about it. 
  • Buying four bottles of wine at once will prompt the liquor store cashier to stick an AA card in your bag.
  • Hating your condo management company is apparently something that you don't voice while in the office of your condo management company. 
  • My daughter is absolutely enthralled with Doctor Who, and this makes me happier than anything else in the world thus far. 
  • It is entirely reasonable to consider a pack of Super Nibs an adequate lunch option.
  • You're never too old to enjoy a tuna sandwich
Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people write. What were my favourite reads this week month?
  1. Kendra's Sorry I'm Not Sorry For Having Kids was one of those things that made me cry because I totally understand. 
  2. Sometimes the answer to a reader question can make me choke on my Earl Grey tea {with laughter}
  3. I don't think a wrap up has passed where I haven't linked to Noa Gavin. Sorry I'm not sorry, she's funny as shit.
  4. I am emphatically nodding my head at Breanna's choices for fall fashion must-haves. Even the mint green pants--because, why not?
  5. I freaking loved Kendall before, but this makes me love her even more. Lady, you are everything that is right in this world!
Where did crazy old September take you?