I Hope That You Grow Up...

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My dear, sweet Audrey,

You are the very center of my world. There is nothing more important to me than ensuring your happiness. You are my jester, my snuggler, my baby girl.

I hope that you grow up to be a strong, passionate woman that is unafraid to follow her heart.

I hope that you grow up knowing how very important you are to so many people, and that you are wise enough to keep their love safe.

I hope that you grow up to know how to love unconditionally, and that you choose the right person to lavish this love upon.

I hope that you grow up to have a daughter that is just like you, because even on your worst day you are still the best thing to ever have happened to me.

I hope that you grow up understanding the importance of respect, both for yourself and for others.

I hope that you grow up with friends that will be there for you at each stage of life.

I hope that you grow up with faith in your heart, because it makes the really hard days so much easier.

I hope that you grow up knowing that no matter what happens, you can always come home again.

I hope that you grow up with happy memories of your childhood, even though you might struggle at times.

I hope that you never lose the compassion and empathy that is in your heart. You are such a loving and kind person.

I will never be able to truly express just how happy you make me. Sometimes, I am hard on you; it's not because I am mean, but because I know what you are capable of. Sometimes I get angry with you, but it's because I know that you know better. No matter what, never forget that you are my everything. I am your mama, and I love you so much more than I can put into words.

Thank you for being you, and thank you for loving me. Every hug is a cherished gift, every snuggle is a moment suspended in time.

Love you always,