So...I Have This Tablet... {a gadget review}

Last month I attended a trade show, and I was lucky enough to win a brand new tablet! I was super excited, because I have wanted one for a long time but was far too cheap to actually buy one for myself. Now that I've had a chance to use it for a while, I wanted to review it for all of you lovelies!

What is it: Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab (yes, the infamous tablet at the centre of the Samsung/Apple war) (Not that I'm taking sides but my daughter immediately mistook it for an iPad--and I noticed an obscene number of similarities as well--so the lawsuit doesn't seem far-fetched.)
Retail Value: $349.99 CAD (source)
Operating System: Android 4.0
Battery Life In-Use (manufacturer): up to 14 hours
Battery Life Standby (manufacturer): up to 2000 hours

My Two Cents:

Right from the start, I found the tablet to be a little frustrating. This was my first Android gadget, so I knew that there would be a learning curve when it came to figuring out the device, but this was a little bit ridiculous. In no way would I describe it as an intuitive operating system; I find it clunky, and some processes (including something as simple as reorganizing the shortcuts on each of the main screens) are painful at best to perform.
When it comes to the battery life, I am convinced that Samsung has inflated its expected performance. I understand that streaming video or surfing the web should use more battery than, say, word processing, but I cannot for the life of me go more than a few hours without plugging it in. I've even tried disconnecting it from WiFi to use non-internet based programs, and the battery was still dead in under four hours. As for while it is in standby, it isn't much better--if I don't plug it in overnight, it will be dead by morning.
Verdict: I would not buy this device. 

The things that I actually like about the tablet (the third-party applications, the overall size and weight of the device, as well as the convenience of having a tablet instead of a laptop) can be found in other tablets. I do use it on a regular basis, and I am glad that I have it; if I had to shell out my own money for a tablet, though, I would spend a bit more and go for the iPad. Call me a hipster sheep if you must, but I value functionality over cost pretty much every time--and definitely in this case. 

You know, in my opinion.

I was not compensated in any way for this post. The opinions expressed in this review are solely those of the author and do not reflect the views of any other person or organization. They are not meant to harm, simply to inform others of my experience with the product. If you work for Samsung and would like to address any of the points listed in this review, please feel free to contact me at {rakaskesa} at {gmail} dot {com}. I also do not claim to own any of the products/platforms/etc listed in this post--those are held by the companies that made them. Please don't sue me.