Weekly Wrap Up #10

this is my life. boyfriend does not approve.

So what have I learned this past week?
  • I can no longer state that Joss Whedon has a flawless career. Reason: Cabin in the Woods. I still love you, but, you know...it was horrible and don't ever write a crappy movie again, okay?
  • Highlight of my week: shadow puppets. 
  • The day before a long weekend is always blissfully slow, giving you a chance to catch up on your to do list. Just remember that you pay for it later, because the week after a long weekend is insane. 
  • I am most productive when I have Buffy on in the background--except for the episode in season three when all of the adults start acting like teenagers, and Giles and Buffy's mom get together because it should have been like that the whole time and I can't really tear my eyes away. Well, and "Once More, With Feeling" because MUSICAL BUFFY. 
  •  Pumpkin cheesecake is not overrated. It is amazing!


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?
  1. Uh, Jennie? I'm pretty sure that we need to be internetbestfriends because awesome.  
  2. Joelle's raw and honest post about feeling like a fraud hits close to home, and I love her that much more for opening up about a difficult topic. | Also, this post confirms my hypothesis that we are soul sisters.
  3. Jessica posted about Bonnie's The Roost Tribe Premium Membership, and I fell in love immediately. $5 a month for a whole bunch of goodies--how can you go wrong? I'll let you know what I think after I see everything that's included!
  4. This has been my life motto since I had a child of my own. 
  5. Etsy has a tutorial section! Excuse me while I attempt (and fail horribly) at making everything listed in it!
What were your favourite reads this week?

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