Where Should I Travel In October?

It doesn't matter what causes it--bad weather, hordes of tourists, or showing up after everything has shut down for the season--it's a total bummer to visit somewhere new at the wrong time of year. There are plenty of resources that you can utilize while planning your trip to ensure that this doesn't happen, but I've done most of the dirty work for you! 

What should I do? The country offers 13 officially permitted hiking routes in the heart of the Himalayas--one of which is considered the most difficult trek in the world to complete.
When should I go? Attempt the Snowman Trek in October or April for the best conditions; hiking trails are open from April to early June, and again from September to November.

What should I do? Walk through the Selous Game Reserve, among Africa's most legendary (and dangerous) animals. 
When should I go? Walks are only permitted during the dry season (June to October), but the crowds tend to die down by mid-October. 

What should I do? Cycle the legendary Karakorum highway--the route along the Silk Road that connects Kashgar, China with Islamabad, Pakistan.
When should I go? Late Sept or early Oct for less rain and moderate temperatures.

What should I do? See the polar bears in person in Churchill, Manitoba.
When should I go? Polar bears migrate through the town during the month of October only.

Where in the world do you want to visit?

Rakas Kesa Travel Tuesday