Card-Carrying Member

I am a proud Canadian. I may complain about the weather from time to time, but ultimately this country is my home. I was born here, I was raised here, and there is a good chance that I will die here. I have followed Canadian politics since junior high school, and since turning eighteen I have not missed a single civic, provincial, or federal election. 

I've known since my grade seven social studies class where I fall on the political scale--or, more accurately, I have always known what I believe but this was the class that allowed me to understand and label my beliefs. And even though I have known which party I am akin to, I have always kept track of the platforms of each major political party in Canada. Uninformed voters make me angry, so I have vowed to never be one. 

Even though I have done more than many Canadians to stay informed and stay involved in the democratic process, I still felt as though I haven't been doing enough. 

So today, I officially joined the NDP party, and then I signed up to volunteer with them as well. Call me a political nerd if you must, but I am really excited to get my membership card in the mail. 

Have you ever joined a political party?