Weekly Wrap Up #13

this is my friends' cousin! be kind and share the awesome :) 

So what have I learned this past week?

  • Modern-day witch hunts aren't cool, and far too many people are the internet are blind sheep. See also: stop blowing small crap out of proportion, kay?
  • My faith in 'Merica was restored with the re-election of Obama.  Related: Sir Patrick Stewart is amazing
  • It annoys the crap out of me when people tweet their old posts every. single. hour. on Twitter. Please, calm down with the self-promotion. I follow you because your actual tweets entertain me, not because I want to see old posts from 2010. Maybe choose a post that will draw me in and then I'll keep reading your archives--but seriously, one auto-tweet from your archives per day is more than enough. 
  • Everyone has their own demons, of this I am well aware. But, you know, if one of my demons is that I'm two pounds shy of the weight I was the day that I had my daughter--and you know this--don't bring your demon of "I'm trying to gain weight but I just can't!" to me. Because there is no empathy for you here, lady. 
  • Best quote from The Simpsons EVER: "There is no diagnostic computer for the female mind." Too true, random animated car mechanic.
  • I'm pretty sure that I'm allergic to motivation. Every time I come down with a case of it, I break out in half-finished projects. (See: blog design, the reorganization of my closet, the cleaning of the pantry, my home office for the last year and a half, that stack of frames for my gallery wall that still need photos.}


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?

  1. The wonderfully sassy Kate survived Sandy! {not that I had any doubts at all}
  2. My newest blog crush is Meg from Across The Pond.
  3. I cosign 90% of Lexa's list
  4. Far too many hours have been sunk into searching the Holidays category on Pinterest
  5. Jasmine has the cutest 'About Me' page that I've seen in a long time, and I freaking love her Twitter background. 

What were your favourite reads this week?