Weekly Wrap Up #14

So what have I learned this past week?

  • Scheduling blog posts does wonders for my free time. But sometimes I forget to schedule them even though they're done and then they get posted in the afternoon. So...not perfect. 
  • Winter tires do not make you invincible. Related: Edmonton sucks at plowing the streets in the winter. 
  • There will never be enough hours in the workday for everything that I need to do. 
  • Starbucks hot chocolates with eggnog are the most amazing way to start your day (that I'll blog about, at least!).


Although I'm a big fan of my own work, I also enjoy what other people create. What were my favourite finds this week?

  1. Have any questions about the Petraeus affair? Fear not, because I've found the best explanation possible.
  2. I love this guide to tea. The art of making a good cup of tea is undervalued in today's world, and that makes me sad. 
  3. Easily one of the best ideas on the Internet: The World Needs More Love Letters. {Hannah's TED talk can be viewed here}
  4. I love Photoshop, but I'm not particularly patient with the process. Curves {preset changes to colors/shadows, etc} save my sanity. This gorgeous curve by Julia Trotti is my new favourite--and it's free! {instructions on how to install a curve can be found here}
  5.  I love everything about Stefani's post

What were your favourite reads this week?