Paris en Hiver

Photo Credit: Philippe Lejeanvre | Twitter | Flickr | Website

Paris is one of those cities that is just always wonderful. 
It is magical, 
so full of lights, 
and history, 
and life. 

My very favourite thing to do in life is to walk in Paris. 

Along the Seine, from the Pont d'Ilena by the Champs de Mars and the Eiffel Tower in the west 
to the Pont de Sully in the east by the Ile Sainte-Louis. 

Through the Marais and St-Germaine-de-Pres arrondissments, 
walking over cobblestones and popping into street markets and cozy shops. 

I've spent entire days just wandering the city, 
map banished to my purse, 
to get a taste of the real Paris. 

Each season in Paris has it's own charm,
but my very favourite time to wander the streets of Paris is in winter. 
Seeing such a beautiful city covered in a fresh blanket of snow, 
or even just a coat of frost, 
takes my breath away. 

Photo Credit: Phillipe Taka | Website | Blog 

Every time.