I'm Ashley, but you can call me Ley. {it's pronounced LEE but spelled with a y because I'm crazy like that. Also because it's short for Ashley. Same spelling, see? Stop giving me flack.}

I am a sci-fi loving, sweatpant wearing, earl grey tea drinking, country blasting, Princess Bride loving kinda girl. I'm also a clichéd girl for loving everything Audrey Hepburn, Paris, and puppy {except for poop}. I was born in the heart of Oil Country, but I was raised on the Best Coast so I have a few hippy tendencies {like my preference for not wearing clothes}. I have Oil in my veins and the 'Nucks in my heart, so naturally watching an Oilers vs. Canuck game gives me a serious case of heartburn. I would not cheer for the Flames if Jesus himself asked me to. I am the Maman of the most incredible little girl in the world, Audrey {yes, as in Hepburn, and no, I will not apologise or be embarrassed by it!}. I have a boyfriend that is known around here as either B or Boyfriend, because I'm incredibly clever. He isn't mentioned too much, although there might be a photo or two. My life verse is Joshua 1:9, and I am a Christian, but I'm not pushy so don't feel like you need to leave because of my religious persuasion. Je parle francaise--and by that I mean that I can order a crepe and a beer, and possibly reserve a hotel room {although the last time I tried to do that I somehow ended up helping fold laundry in the kitchen of the gite that I stayed at}.  Sometimes I crank Call Me Maybe and dance. You do it too, don't lie.

I believe in True Love and High Adventure. 

I believe that everyone deserves a happy ending. 

I believe that it is pronounced "skedule" not "shedule". 

I believe that travel is essential to our existence, and I am passionate about sustainable travel. 

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance...and sometimes a third or fourth. 

I believe that mistakes are a part of life, but that they are only forgivable if you have learned from them. 

I believe that a child's love is the purest form of love. 

I believe in new beginnings.